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Creative 360 Marketing Campaign, Social Media Management, Website Design

Podbee Media

As Alles Gut, we undertake the 360 communication plan of Podbee Media, one of the first and most important production companies in Turkey, with podcasts included from Barış Özcan, Fularsiz Entellik, Sezgi Aksu, Deniz Göktaş, and more than 50 creators. As a result of our business partnership, which can be considered more than 1 year, we aimed to be the first brand that comes to mind in terms of listening and podcast awareness, and the brand reached the desired point in its field.
To increase the popularity of the podcast and the awareness of Podbee Media, we prepared the " Sadece Duymak İstediklerin" campaign with offline/online integrated communication and launched Turkey's first podcast advertisement. We continue to provide services in the fields of more than 50 podcasts, carefully prepared brand identity studies, social media, and web management.

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